Saturday, May 15, 2021
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Meet the Black woman that amassed a million dollar real estate portfolio by age 30.

Ayesha Selden

Ayesha Selden was bitten by the real estate bug as early as 18. She was raised by a single mother in one of the most under-resourced communities in South Philadelphia. When she was 18 years old, her family moved to a better area. Selden believed that the area she left [...]

May 14, 2021 Miles Kelley Real Estate 0

Jay-Z apart of group that invests $19 million in NFT company.


A couple of months ago, Hip Hop's billionaire Jay-Z made several headlines. The business deals he made involving Armand de Brignac and Tidal sent waves through the industry. Many on Black Twitter had criticism for his moves. Wondering why he would sell such stakes in Black owned business to non [...]

May 13, 2021 Miles Kelley Entrepreneurship 0

Jerome Myers Quit His 6 Figure Job to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Portfolio

Jerome Myers

The most successful entrepreneurs are usually those that do not allow themselves to become content. The average income in the US is just slightly over $30K a year. The majority of people would consider a cushy six figure salary to be success ion today's world. Not Jerome Myers. After leaving [...]

May 13, 2021 Miles Kelley Real Estate 0

Paulla McCarthy becomes the first woman to own a water bottling plant in New York.

Paulla McCarthy

Paulla McCarthy, a single Black mother in New York, is the owner of a spring water bottling plant. In addition to to owning the plant, she also owns the land from which the spring water is obtained. No other woman in the state of New York has ever done so. [...]

April 20, 2021 Miles Kelley Entrepreneurship 0

Slutty Vegan Partners With Shake Shack

Pinky Cole

Aisha “Pinky” Cole is the founder and CEO of Slutty Vegan ATL. She was born to Jamaican immigrant parents in Baltimore. After attending  Clark Atlanta University she moved to LA and landed a job in the TV industry. Her career brought her to NYC, where she opened a Jamaican restaurant [...]

April 15, 2021 Miles Kelley Branding 0

Is Nas A Better Investor Than Rapper?


Nasir Jones, better known as the rapper Nas, could quite possibly have more hits outside of his extreme lyrical talent than he does inside of Hip Hop. If I were to ask you to give me your Nas Top 5 it might include classics such as NY State of Mind, [...]

April 13, 2021 Miles Kelley Investments 0