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NBA Star Ray Allen Opens Organic Fast Food Restaurant

Ray Allen and his wife, Shannon Allen, are opening one of the first organic fast food restaurants on the East Coast. The restaurant was inspired by troubles finding quicky healthy options for their son, Walker, who has Type 1 diabetes. Nine-year-old Walker’s struggle to balance a busy life with nutrient-rich foods with [...]

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Need Money To Start Your Business? Drive Uber and Lyft

Struggling to get financing for your business idea? Driving for Uber or Lyft might just be the answer you’ve been looking for! We’ve already written extensively about the challenges entrepreneurs encounter while attempting to get business loans from banks. We’ve also covered some alternative financing methods such as friends and [...]

December 6, 2015 Brian Uncategorized 0 Launches E-Commerce Site For Black Businesses

purchase black

When it comes to the challenge of helping customers support Black owned businesses, this is a huge step in the right direction. An entrepreneur has developed an award-winning website that highlights entrepreneurs and their products with the goal of helping more of them become successful. is a curated marketplace [...]

November 24, 2015 Brian Uncategorized 10

Are You Ready For The Risk of Entrepreneurship?

risks ahead

The typical story of entrepreneurship is one where the person has a great idea, strikes out on their own to develop the idea, and, within a short period of time, makes a boatload of money and lives happily ever after. They no longer have a boss and now have the [...]

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Patti Labelle Says Viral Youtube Video Did Not Help, It Was All Because Of Her

In business and in life, very few things are accomplished without the help of others. This is a lesson that Patti Labelle obviously missed. In case you missed it, in the last week, Patti's Labelle's Pies have sold out all over the United States. Most of us know this was due [...]

November 20, 2015 Brian Uncategorized 22

4 Skills Every Successful Entrepreneur Must Have

keys to success

What does it take to start a successful business? The skills that it takes to successfully run a business will vary depending on the type of business and how involved you are in the actual day-to-day operations. Although the skills will vary, there are certain traits about successful entrepreneurs that [...]

November 18, 2015 Brian Business Start-Up 1