Saturday, May 15, 2021
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The 10 Best Black Business Books by Black Authors

Black books for Black entrepreneurs

How's that old saying go? “If you want to hide something from a Black person, put it in a book.” I've tried my damndest, but I can't manage to find who coined this phrase. Or where this quote originated from. But we have all heard it. I remember that the [...]

April 2, 2021 Miles Kelley Education 0

Why Franchising is Striving for Black Business Owners

Franchising, by design, allows entrepreneurs to bypass some difficulties of getting a business off the ground. But experts say Black people may choose franchising over sole proprietorship because of limited access to business connections and support. Black entrepreneurs have thrived in franchising for years and are choosing this route over founding traditional small businesses at a faster rate [...]

March 29, 2021 Miles Kelley Franchises 0

Illinois Woman Turns “Work Smarter, Not Harder” Into $2.1 Million In Revenue

Bianca S. Robinson

Any entrepreneur will tell you that you have to make revenue while you're sleeping. Bianca S. Robinson of Cayden Cay Consulting has figured out how to do just that. Robinson started with small steps but high ambitions. After finishing her business degree, she worked for an engineering firm as a [...]

March 26, 2021 Miles Kelley Branding 0

Latesha Williams, From Side Hustle to Multi-Million Dollar Franchise

Cards For All People

Latesha Williams has to be the definition of hustle hard. She is most known as being one of the co-founders of the cultural phenomenon Black Card Revoked, but to truly understand her hustle, you have to know her past. She an accomplished sports and entertainment professional who has worked with LeBron [...]

March 24, 2021 Miles Kelley Business Start-Up 0

Why is it important to #BankBlack?

Black Owned Banks

Black owned banks in the U.S. were once a financial haven for Blacks. During a time when discrimination in the industry was common. Especially during the Reconstruction Era, when newly freed slaves had nowhere to go but these banks. Keeping Blacks from banking kept them from services that were essential [...]

March 23, 2021 Miles Kelley Financing 0

How Falcon and the Winter Soldier Examines the Black Soldier’s Return Home

Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson, "The Falcon"

The highly anticipated Disney+ series “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” arrived Friday. After over a year of Covid setbacks, the story of Sam Wilson and James Barnes finally hits the popular streaming service. The show focuses on the lives of the two former soldiers returning to normal life. In the [...]

March 21, 2021 Miles Kelley Entrepreneurship 0