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Social Media Helps Patti Labelle Pies Sell $2.3 Million in One Weekend

Patti Labelle Pies

This weekend provided a perfect example of what is possible when you combine the $1.3 Trillion Black Buying power with the power of social media. On Wednesday, November 11th, James Wright posted a video to his Facebook page (video below) in which he says Patti Labelle's pies turned him into Patti Labelle. [...]

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The Importance Of Business Mentors And Why You Need One Now


Entrepreneurship can be very intimidating. As you launch an idea and develop it into an operating business, it is inevitable that you’ll face some tough decisions in which you may not have the answers or the experience to at least make an informed choice.  Oprah Winfrey, who we all know [...]

November 4, 2015 Brian Uncategorized 7

5 Key Takeaways From Oprah’s Deal With Weight Watchers

Oprah Weight Watchers

This week it was announced that Oprah Winfrey had purchased a 10% stake into Weight Watchers International and would also be joining the Board of Directors. Additionally, she will serve as a spokeswoman and share her own stories of weight loss using the Weight Watchers system. Oprah invested $43.2 million [...]

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Does Crime Affect The Success of Black Businesses? A Case in Miami Suggests Yes!

A recent article by the Miami New Times reports that the focus on negative press is holding back black businesses in the Miami area, where 11.4% of businesses are black owned, compared to the national average of 7%.  As reported, cities such as Miami Gardens and Opa-locka are quick to be [...]

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How To Target African-Americans With Facebook Ads

facebook ad targeting

Have you ever wondered how the ads in your Facebook Newsfeed seem to speak directly to your interests almost to the point that you peek over your shoulder to see if someone is watching you? You better get used to it, because it is not going away, but the amazing [...]

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Test Your Knowledge of Black Entrepreneurs – Take The Quiz Now

Magic johnson Jamal Mashburn

Think you know a lot about Black Entrepreneurs? Take the short quiz to test your knowledge. We have a good feeling that you might learn something that you did not know. [viralQuiz id=1] [...]

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