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Say What? Chris Brown Builds A Burger King Empire


Yes, you read it right, R&B superstar Chris Brown getting money in more ways than one. Brown revealed this past summer in an Us Weekly article, titled “25 Things You Don't Know About Me,” that he owns 14 Burger King Franchises. What a shocking revelation by a young man who seemingly does not appear to have any concerns beyond the often materialistic and sexualized lyrics in his songs.

The lyricist often sings about living a fast lifestyle filled with clubbing, women, and cars, but what most people do not realize is that Brown is an entrepreneur in his own right. In addition to the recently disclosed BK Franchises, he also owns Legendary Faces, a model management firm based in L.A., and a clothing line company by the name of Black Pyramid. As he has grown as an individual in the television, music, and film industries, Brown learned what few celebrities do, that fame and celebrity fortune can be fleeting and that music alone is not enough to sustain his lifestyle. Brown must have received some great advice along the way, specifically about the importance of diversifying his revenue streams.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Chris Brown, at 26 years old, has a net worth of approximately $30 million since his first album debuted in 2005. In 10 short years, this young man has built a lucrative empire that continues to thrive and the best part is that it doesn’t consist only of the resources that he has accumulated as a result of his artistic talents. He’s going above and beyond, utilizing the resources he has in a way so that the money he makes continues to make money from a variety of avenues.


  1. It is to your advantage to have multiple streams of income. In addition to your full time job, how are you building wealth? What is your next move? In what areas would you like to invest?
  2. You may not have the available funds of a Chris Brown to buy 14 Burger King Franchises, but you can utilize bank financing to purchase one of your own. Read Black Entrepreneur’s article on What You Need to Know before Applying for a Business Loan.
  3. Never, ever judge a book by its cover. While you may think you’re on the same page with others, they’re quietly behind the scenes building for the future.  Don’t get left behind!
  4. Finally, franchises are a convenient investment option for celebrities who want to put their money to work. They’re like a readymade kit complete with a recognizable brand and working business model.  Take advantage of them!

This is finally a story we can be proud of and use to inspire us in making a change in our goals of entrepreneurial success.  Chris Brown has taken the money earned from his musical talents and is putting them to work.

Have you ever thought of owning a franchise? Let us know your thoughts on franchising and which ones interest you?

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