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Black Entrepreneur Day is back for a second year!!

Miles Kelley
Black Entrepreneurs Day

Daymond Green, one of the original founders of the clothing brand FUBU, author and current Shark Tank host, announced earlier this week that Black Entrepreneur Day will return next month. And it will be “bigger and better” this year. The inaugural session last year was a historic live-stream generating over six million live viewers from all 50 states and over 100 countries. The platform shared stories that were as informative and inspiring. Those streaming from home had the opportunity to glean insight from personal triumphs and tribulations accounted for in the “Game Changer Conversations”. Daymond himself hosted these one-on-one conversations with a variety of Black business leaders.

Last year's conversationGame Changer Conversationss included Shaquille O'Neal, Gabrielle Union, Robert Johnson, LL Cool J, Ice-T, Arlan Hamilton, Elicia Azali, and Brian Lamb. Plus there was a Robinhood Roundtable featuring Dwayne Wade. I for one can appreciate that the conversation around entrepreneurship was open to include stocks and investments as well. This year's lineup includes ever more Black businesses leaders and cultural icons. Shaquille O'Neal, Tyra Banks, Michael Strahan, Marcus Samuelsson, Rev Run, and Janice Bryant Howroyd just to name a few. Plus Kevin Hart will lead a “Hart Felt Conversation” that will be centered around wealth management.

“Black Entrepreneurs Day meant more to me than I can describe. It was amazing to be able to celebrate and highlight those who have overcome the battles our community has faced for years and to inspire change for the future so that all entrepreneurs of all colors can have the same opportunities. It was incredible to see how many people across race, creed, gender, religion reached out and told me how impactful the event was. Thank you to Chase for Business for believing in me and our partnership and thank you to every single person around the world who tuned in.” – Daymond John on Black Entrepreneurs Day 2020

Daymond JohnDaymond was able to secure a partnership with JP Morgan Chase in order to put on Black Entrepreneurs Day. And they are returning as partners for the second annual event. Brian Lamb, Global head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at JP Morgan Chase was quoted saying, “When small businesses succeed, our communities are stronger.” It seems that JP Morgan understands that entrepreneurship is the key to creating a strong middle class. He also stated, “As a firm, we’re committed to supporting Black entrepreneurs by helping them get access to the critical resources they need to start, grow and scale their businesses. We’re proud to be a part of Black Entrepreneurs Day and celebrate Black business owners who have faced extraordinary challenges yet continue to inspire us all.

Another huge asset that this event brings to our community is the NACCP Powershift Grant. This grant gives $250,000 to Black Entrepreneurs and small business owners. And everyone who applied for the grant will receive free access to Hello Alice. This includes step-by-step business guides, thousands of industry specific business resources, and a peer-to-peer community of nearly a half-million small business owners ready to help you succeed. Below is a list of the 10 recipients from the 2020 session:

Grant Winner

Business Location

Presenting Brand


New York, NY


Black and Mobile

Philadelphia, PA


Cupcake Collection

Nashville, TN

The General


Atlanta, GA


J's Breakfast Club

Gary, Indiana



Houston, TX

Cisco Webex

Get Laced

Los Angeles, CA


Distinct Tax Consulting

Morrow, GA



St. Louis, Missouri


Candy Connection

Middletown, Delaware

Jim Cramer

Ultimately, Daymond John hopes the key takeaway from this year’s Black Entrepreneurs Day will be the same thing he hopes many learned in 2020: the value in being able to pivot.

“There’s only two things that you’re ever gonna be in control of,” he explains. “The lens you look at something through, and the actions you take. And the lens you look through becomes broader and broader as you educate yourself further. We can’t predict what’s gonna happen tomorrow. But if we’re more educated about what’s going on and we know how to take affordable steps and remember that there are other opportunities and resources out there, that will help us pivot when hard times come.”

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