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Black Owned Podcast Network “Bshani Radio App” has over 3 million downloads

Miles Kelley
Bshani Radio App

Bennie Randall Jr, founder of Bshani Radio Network.

Bennie Randall Jr. has had his hands in tons of different business ventures. From author and motivational speaker, all the way to investor and full blown entrepreneur. But to know Randall's journey, is to know that he has always had a love for music. Randall actually began his journey into the music industry as a hype man, dancer and rapper. But now his venture into music comes in the form of radio and tech. His radio and podcast platform, Bshani Radio App, launched in February of 2020 to over 2 million downloads.

The Bshani Radio Network is one of the biggest Black podcast networks in the world. Content featured on the Bshani Radio Network are available on two channels. The Bshani Channel and the Vercay channel. The Bshani Channel features content on a wide variety of topics. The Vercay Channel is a channel for women… and BY women. The Bshani Radio Network features positive content to entertain, uplift, empower, and educate listeners about topics from business, faith, marketing, motivation, music, technology, relationships and more.

The launch of the Bshani Radio App has been a game changer. When Tracey Lopez, Executive Director of Bshani International is asked about the impact of the Bshani Radio App she says, ” ‘It's not a game it's a lifestyle' Mr. Randall always tells us to remember this!” The Bshani Radio App is a game changer due to its cutting edge features that do not take up valuable memory and disk space on your mobile device. It was also named as one of’s Top 20 Independent Podcast Networks.

In 2017, Randall became one of the first entrepreneurs to launch a Black-owned podcast network. Under his brand “Bshani”, which is an acronym for “Bennie Sees His Artistic Nature Inside”, the intention of giving independent entrepreneurs and thinkers a platform to present their expertise. The app emphasizes exclusive and original content as hosts take on a wide variety of topics. This includes discussing relationships, business, and everything else that matters to today’s Black culture.

Last year, Bshani Radio launched a series of new and exclusive podcasts made available only within the app including What Tanisha Said, Late Night with Bennie LoveReal Talk with AH3Prayer for Everyone, and Black Entrepreneur Radio. In addition to exclusive content, the new app integrates a slew of new features to enhance the listener experience and encourage feedback and engagement.

But so what? There are TONS of podcast apps available across iOS and Google Play. So what makes Bshani anything worth talking about? I'm glad you asked…

The Bshani Radio App Features:

  • A Light Install: It does not take up very much valuable memory space on busy smartphones.
  • No Login Required: Instant download of Bshani Radio App with no signup required
  • Multitask feature: This allows you to listen to the episode of your choice while sending emails or a text (or anything else you desire) on your smartphone or tablet.
  • You can win great prizes: Push notifications let you know when free merchandise, cash giveaways and more are happening in the Bshani Radio Network.
  • Enhanced Feedback Features: Listeners can leave a 60-second audio message to their favorite host(s) with just one click within the app.
  • Uses smaller storage space: Only using 23.7MB on iPhones and 2.1MB on Androids.
  • Airplay features: Airdrop the app to any TV, laptop, or other devices that allow sharing.
  • Other exclusive features: In-app alarm clock & weather notifications as well as brand new exclusive and original content.

The Bshani Podcast Network has over 4,000 episodes between its two channels. 70% of the listeners are women and 30% are men. The app is a global podcast app that welcomes all listeners, sponsors, and podcast hosts. In addition, the founder of Bshani, Bennie Randall Jr., has more then 45,000 paid subscribers in the the last 4 years on This is a site that offers lectures, workshops, seminars and much more. Mostly focused on business and entrepreneurship, Randall offers something for everyone. Over the last 20 years Bennie has coached thousands of entrepreneurs around the world and continues to build his own empire of digital companies and investments in real estate.

“There's so much more l want to accomplish in life. In fact, the way I look at it, I'm just getting started” – Bennie Randall Jr.

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