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Danielle Hughes Wants To Teach You How To Make Money With Vending Machines

Miles Kelley
Danielle D. Hughes

Since being honored as one of Forbes “30 Under 30” back in 2019, Danielle D. Hughes has not stopped making power moves. She was honored for her profound work in education. But Hughes also was hosting her own vision board series in cities across the country since 2015. She is widely known as a chief “changemaker” and has become one of Detroit’s most recognizable millennials for youth advocacy and empowerment. And in her latest endeavor to inspire more changemakers, Hughes executes interactive, one-on-one coaching services as a vision strategist, helping clients transition from dreamers to doers.

Hughes is the founding partner and COO of Detroit Speaks Inc., a nonprofit organization providing low-income teens with skills to help them achieve their dreams. This includes mentorship, coaching, leadership and personal development. Hughes works with teens to increase their social awareness, community involvement and help them to build a strong foundation. These tools help fuel personal and professional success through a series of after-school programs, community clean-ups and a three month “Emerging Leaders” accelerator course. This matches students with local entrepreneurs and professionals for one-on-one mentoring. Hughes wants to be the person she says she needed when she was younger. As an astute entrepreneur, humanitarian and proud Detroit native, she has made it her mission to make an impact in the lives of her hometown youth.

Hughes never had a mentor growing up. As a result, the award-winning social entrepreneur nearly flunked out of high school. For years, she would take that ‘below average’ mentality and let it spill into other areas of her life. She finally became fed up with her repeated poor choices. Hughes knew that she wanted to make a change. So she began with a very simple task that most of us often overlook. Making her bed.

Always Make Your Bed

Always Make Your Bed

The book, “Always Make Your Bed“, which released in 2019, explores the science behind having a routine and consistently doing the same things. It is a practical resource for individuals ready to make a change. This book helps you to move forward and maximize your impact throughout the marathon of life. Hughes shares the wisdom, insight and strategies that catapulted her from least likely to succeed to being honored by Forbes. It is truly an inspiring collection of compelling thoughts.

But Danielle has not stopped there. Now she's sunning a her own vending machine business, and teaching others the tricks of the trade. The vending machine industry is currently a $30 billion market and is still growing. Hughes currently offers a masterclass that will teach you how to launch your own business in 30 days. The class includes information on where to find machines, how to secure locations and tips to brand your business. The program is geared toward anyone that is looking to diversify income streams, generate passive income and start a profitable business in less than a month.

Hughes was featured earlier this year on the “David Never Sleeps” podcast where she discussed her journey and broke down the keys to becoming a successful entrepreneur in the vending machine industry.

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