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Illinois Woman Turns “Work Smarter, Not Harder” Into $2.1 Million In Revenue

Miles Kelley
Bianca S. Robinson

Any entrepreneur will tell you that you have to make revenue while you're sleeping. Bianca S. Robinson of Cayden Cay Consulting has figured out how to do just that. Robinson started with small steps but high ambitions. After finishing her business degree, she worked for an engineering firm as a project manager. It wasn’t long before she felt the itch to be her own boss. She started a bookkeeping company but in her free time she continued investing in herself. Robinson went on to get her MBA and a master’s in logistics and supply chain management.

But Robinson was born to be an entrepreneur. At an early age, seeing opportunities in her community, she started her own dog walking business. This just the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey. Eventually she would go on to help thousands of people improve their businesses and create digital income streams.

Armed with her MBA and management insights, as she built strong relationships with her clients with her bookkeeping business, Robinson began upselling her new skills to existing clients. She was growing, and her clients were growing with her. Robinson tells the story of one client who had been working in retail for 10 years and came to her to better manage her store. Over time, Robinson empowered the client to run her own successful retail business.

After three years of running a successful bookkeeping company in Illinois, Robinson pivoted for the first time. Cayden Cay Financials became Cayden Cay Consulting to reflect her growing services.

Trading time for money

Business boomed at first, but then Robinson hit a wall. Everything depended on her. Her calendar was full. She had no more time or energy to take on extra clients and her work-life balance was non-existent. Robinson explains, “I was just trading time for money.”

Emotionally exhausted from years of grinding it out, consulting one client at a time, Robinson realized that she could both make more money and help more clients by pivoting once again. This time, to digital products. Robinson realized that her company needed to evolve. She needed to be able to generate revenue without having to put in extra time. It was time to work smarter, not harder.

“Instead of being a service provider that also had digital products, I flipped my business model to being an online digital creator that just so happens to do services as well.” – Bianca S. Robinson of Cayden Cay Consulting

Robinson transitioned from being a consultant to a digital entrepreneur. She digitized all her training material and began to sell her knowledge rather than her time. Using new technology and apps like Teachable and Gumroad, she digitized all her training material and began to sell her knowledge rather than her time.

Having digitally transformed her own business, she uses her experience to teach other small and medium-sized businesses how to do the same. Pivoting their businesses for more revenue and work-life balance. Robinson is passionate about the ways that digital transformation can make service-based businesses more profitable and more fun to run.

The Pandemic Blessing In Disguise

Now, her clients can access Bianca’s insights through online blueprints, guides, and courses. She still leads courses directly and offers custom managed services but only selectively. Instead of meeting with clients to discuss business options, now her clients can access her courses and information from anywhere, at anytime.

The secret to her strategy comes down to digital content. Bianca calls it her “education collateral” because it acts as a pledge of what she can provide to potential clients. Free content allows clients to see what you can do for them before they commit to a purchase. The premium content allows you to monetize and scale according.

And all this was before Covid-19 hit, but Robinson didn’t sit idle when there were businesses in need of help. She redoubled her efforts to help business owners diversify their revenue streams and make more money without dedicating their entire lives to work.Bianca S. Robinson

“It’s time for you to get cute, put on a shirt, do this Zoom and give this presentation,” she says. “Now is time for you to build up your YouTube, it’s time for you to build up your IGTV and do your Facebook Lives and your Instagram Stories. It’s time for that, and so a lot of my clients, even though they were doing it, they had other things that wasn’t allowing them to be consistent with going live.”

Robinson has not stopped there. She is now sharing the lessons she has learned on digital transformation and entrepreneurship with other professionals. She is not just selling digital content, she is selling the process of digitization itself. This has widened her audience, which now includes service professionals like real estate agents, lawyers, dentists, and even other consultants. Especially during the pandemic where service businesses have been impacted, Robinson serves as a model on how service professionals can offer premium digitized services.

In 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, her clients were able to generate an extra $2.1M in revenue. One client made $35,000 with a five-day launch while another client made an extra $650,000 in six weeks.

Robinson isn’t shy about giving credit to vcita for helping her build her business. That’s the tool she used to start accepting bookings on her website and add more services, and she says it gave her the confidence to keep moving forward. “Well, vcita had this thing where you could make your scheduling site into a website, and it just gave me the confidence to have the look and the feel of like I was a real corporation and I had real clients and I was making real money, and so it gave me that ability to be confident in my business.”

She’s quick to share the tools for her success, too. As a vcita reseller, Robinson uses the platform to set up all her clients’ email marketing sequences and contact management systems on their behalf. Because she’s thoroughly familiar with how all the systems work, it’s easy for her to help when clients are struggling with a task.


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