Saturday, January 16, 2021
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Jasmine Crow Wins $20K in Miller Lite’s Tap the Future Pitch Competition


In a standing room only, packed house in Atlanta, Jasmine Crowe artfully and brilliantly won $20k in the Miller Lite “Tap The Future” pitch competition and now has the opportunity to compete for the grand prize of $100K later this year. Miller Lite's pitch competition has various stops around the country that allow a select group of entrepreneurs to pitch their business to an audience and panel of judges. There is also a question and answer session that is very challenging for the contestants as the panel of judges are very successful entrepreneurs that have a lot of business experience and interesting questions and perspective about what it takes to be successful.

Jasmine Crow pitched her company, Goodr,  which is a sustainable waste management app that leverages technology to combat hunger. Goodr redirects surplus food from restaurants, event centers, airports, and businesses to the millions of people who are food insecure.

Goodr seeks to become the premiere player in food waste management in the $782 billion dollars per year restaurant industry. Goodr has an algorithm that matches donors to drivers and partner agencies in nearby locations. At present the total time from pick up to drop off is 15 minutes. This ensures the rescued food is delivered in a timely manner which allows the donor to affect immediate positive change in the community around them. From a business practice and waste management perspective, Goodr conducts reports and analysis that informs donors of their immediate and aggregate impact through quantifiable statistics and data, such as: number of pounds donated and number of meals provided. This data can in turn be used for tax deduction purposes for the donor institution.

During the competition, what set Crowe apart from her competitors was preparation to present, but also her ability to answer questions during the open question session. Crowe demonstrated that she has a very strong understanding of her business, the industry, challenges, and opportunities.

Crowe already has a contract with the Atlanta Airport to provide food waste management to the more than 150 restaurants at the airport. Jasmine and her team have committed to reducing food waste by 15% and to do their part in providing food to over 25 million hungry Americans and if the competition is any indicator of where her business is headed, then the future is bright for Goodr.


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  • Vernel says:

    Congratulations. This has been needed since the inception of restaurants. It has been a world tragedy to waste food when there are so many hungry people around the world. I sincerely hope you win every award and receive financial backing that positions you and your business to forever serve this need.

  • Very good says:

    This is great! The idea sounds fantastic, fresh,and interesting too! Very happy for her. With that said, her project idea sounds a little ambitious for $20,000. I mean, it sounds like she will need more resources to really put this together and I don’t $20,000 is even enough to pay a team to help her bring this project to life. It’s better than nothing so I’m happy it’s something to get started with.

  • Jafred says:

    I want to talk about travel and the inability to do so because of Americans working too many hours at work . Wouldnt it be nice for a change to travel help people save money and make part or full time income while doing it??

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