Friday, April 23, 2021
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Latesha Williams, From Side Hustle to Multi-Million Dollar Franchise

Cards For All People

Latesha Williams has to be the definition of hustle hard. She is most known as being one of the co-founders of the cultural phenomenon Black Card Revoked, but to truly understand her hustle, you have to know her past. She an accomplished sports and entertainment professional who has worked with LeBron [...]

March 24, 2021 Miles Kelley Business Start-Up 0

Why is it important to #BankBlack?

Black Owned Banks

Black owned banks in the U.S. were once a financial haven for Blacks. During a time when discrimination in the industry was common. Especially during the Reconstruction Era, when newly freed slaves had nowhere to go but these banks. Keeping Blacks from banking kept them from services that were essential [...]

March 23, 2021 Miles Kelley Financing 0

How Falcon and the Winter Soldier Examines the Black Soldier’s Return Home

Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson, "The Falcon"

The highly anticipated Disney+ series “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” arrived Friday. After over a year of Covid setbacks, the story of Sam Wilson and James Barnes finally hits the popular streaming service. The show focuses on the lives of the two former soldiers returning to normal life. In the [...]

March 21, 2021 Miles Kelley Entrepreneurship 0

Did Kanye go from “Crazy Cousin” to “the richest Black man ever”?

Kanye West

“I am Picasso. I’m Walt Disney, I’m Steve Jobs.” – Kanye West, 2013 Kanye has never been short on quotable moments. But it has always been a question whether or not he was short a few screws. Kanye's comments and antics have always cast a spotlight on his mental health and mental [...]

March 19, 2021 Miles Kelley Branding 0

What did the NBA All-Star Game mean for HBCU’s?

NBA All Star Game 2021

The NBA has been at the forefront of the push for social change in the media over the last year. It has now been just over a year since the nation was rocked by the killing of Breonna Taylor in her own home. Breonna was just one of many high [...]

March 16, 2021 Miles Kelley Education 0

25 “Everyday” Black Owned Brands

Black Owned Business

A lot of times, we want to shop Black owned, but we can't find a company for the item that we are shopping for. Or, maybe we just don't know that the particular item we consume has a Black owned option. For example, I drink coffee every morning. Minimum two [...]

March 15, 2021 Miles Kelley Uncategorized 0