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7 Steps for Turning Your Passion Into A Business

Do What You Love

You have a passion that you invest a lot of your time and energy into, but would love to transition it from just a passion into a money-making business? Here are some steps that you can follow that will make the transition much more smooth: Define what makes you unique? [...]

August 8, 2016 Brian Uncategorized 0

8 Things You Can Do Everyday To Become A Better Entrepreneur

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is not something that happens over night. It's a daily battle and decision to be the best version of yourself all the time. It takes constant work, personal development, creating a plan, and following through with that plan. You should have weekly, monthly and yearly goals [...]

July 27, 2016 Brian Uncategorized 7

13-Year-Old Essynce Moore Opens Spa and Boutique In New Jersey


At 13 years old, Essynce Moore is well on her way in this world. In addition to her published book, “6th Grade Middle School Chronicles: Where NO Secrets Are Kept,” Essynce recently opened a Spa & Boutique in New Jersey for tweens. Recently named by Black Enterprise as the Teenpreneur [...]

July 20, 2016 Brian Uncategorized 16

Britney Robbins Launches Gray Matter Experience To Teach Entrepreneurship

One of the many areas for improvement within the current educational system in the United States is the lack of focus on teaching entrepreneurship at an early age. In reality, teaching young people to understand and practice entrepreneurship would have a tremendous impact on the black community in particular and [...]

July 19, 2016 Brian Uncategorized 3

How Bad Do You Want It? Teen Rides Bike 6 Hours & Sleeps in Tent To Get To College

Fred Barley

This story does not have anything to do with entrepreneurship directly, but it is very inspiring and motivating from the perspective of pursuing your dreams and not being denied. Fed Barley could have easily made excuses and most people would have understood, but he didn't. Since the story broke, more [...]

July 19, 2016 Brian Uncategorized 0

6 Business Ideas To Combat Police Brutality

There have been a growing number of incidences over the last few years where people have been hurt or killed during interactions with police. These are the high profile cases that have become worldwide news mainly because they were caught on video. There are many other interactions that are not [...]

July 11, 2016 Brian Uncategorized 7