Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Patti Labelle Says Viral Youtube Video Did Not Help, It Was All Because Of Her


In business and in life, very few things are accomplished without the help of others. This is a lesson that Patti Labelle obviously missed.

In case you missed it, in the last week, Patti's Labelle's Pies have sold out all over the United States. Most of us know this was due to the hilarious video that a fan of the pies posted to social media because there was very little public discussion of the pies prior to the video.

But when Patti was asked about the success of her pies and if it was due to the video, Patti's response was “she did it all herself. The pies were selling out before the video.”

There is a lot to be said about being humble and giving credit when it is due. A small mention of her gratitude towards James for making the video and the boost it provided to sales would not have taken away from her input and success of the pie sales.

It is always important to give credit to others when it is due or it is likely people will think twice when they have an opportunity to help in the future.

Here is the full one-minute video of Patti discussing the pie sales. Take a peek and let us know what you think?

Is she wrong? Should she have given James more credit?

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  • Mea says:

    But nobody knew about the pie till the video

    • Krhonda says:

      I didn’t waste my time going to buy the pie. Patti is s great singer, but from what I was told that pie wasn’t all that great. She may have sold millions, but the video didn’t make me wanna to buy one.

  • Lesia Martin says:

    Sorry Pattie, I never heard of your pies before the video.

  • Lesia Martin says:

    Would fb please let Pattie know how you heard about her pies?

  • evelyn says:

    This is celeb arrogance at its best . I didn’t even know she had pies untill that video went viral so yea that I man from here in Chicago, did make her pies fly off the shelves

  • Georgia says:

    The video did help , I didn’t know Patti had pies in Walmart, the video was so funny I shared it and my friends loved it , we all plan to buy and sample the pie. We will let you know if they are all that.

  • Ava says:

    She is being very shellfish about the whole thing.

  • brenda l timmons says:

    Patti did thank James, her pies were selling but they didn’t sell out till James made that video so he did deserve more recognition than she is giving him now that’s my opinion

  • dexter murray says:

    Anyone that knows patti,she has a cook book and the is in it!! He took it on himself ! He should have talk with her before he made a move ! A good cook knows there food, why do you think she put the book out? Do your home work first!

  • Omega AUNTIE Mothersill says:

    She stated the obvious…pies were selling well. She thanked him and stated he had a great future ahead of him. If she helps him with a career booster, that would mean more to him then her fawning all over video…. I would think!

  • Judy Meadows says:

    Never heard of her pies before James video, maybe she had a few sales but he made her sales skyrocket! Now for the pie… sweet mush! Now what she needs is a soulful lesson in southern sweet potatoe pies. IJS

  • D Byrd says:

    Patti! Patti? Come on, Patti!! Give credit where credit is due! Love you like a play cousin, but you need to admit that man put your pies in the map. Now enough about pies, how do we get Black folks to use this power for more than making the already rich richer?!

  • Sonya says:

    I didn’t know about tha patti pies until i saw the video. Im from the south where we make some good pies i went to the store it was worth the 4 dollars. But i only bought some because of the video and if over 2 million was sold why not break him of.

  • Jerri says:

    I never heard of pie before video so she clearly full of crap

  • Giselleiman says:

    She’s always acted like “the stuck up auntie who thinks she’s better”. The pies are honestly just okay, her pies might’ve sold previously but now they’re a trending topic . For what it’s worth they are her pies and she does deserve it but come on , to down play what he has done for her is a little trifling.

  • Char says:

    I knew of her cookbook, but never knew she took it to the next level until JAMES MADE THAT HILARIOUS VIDEO.

  • Lady K says:

    I never even Heard of her pies until it was mentioned on Facebook. Maybe she is concerned if she gives him credit he’s going to want part of her profits for helping to boost sales or something. Hmmmm

  • Scarlet says:

    I respect her for that. She didn’t throw shade at James. If you’re a regular/frequent pie eater, like myself, then it didn’t take James to introduce you to Pattie’s pie. I been eating the pie. But for those who didn’t know, I will say what Pattie said….”Thanks James!”

  • Carla says:

    She should have gave him something for free advertisement!! I never knew the pies existed until the video. Older pepole who may follow Patti Labelle prob knew about the pies, but not younger people. She is full of herself. Black people supported you by buying all them high calorie Ass pies. And the thanks he get is a thank call and hardly no reconition. That”s why I say why do go out spending all this money supporting celebrities that’s already rich. Support within your own community!

  • Deirdre Garry says:

    The pies were selling out before James. He may have boosted the quickness of their sale, but if they were not already a hit, he would not have known about them.

  • tracy says:

    I am considet the number one Sweet Potato Pie eater. I have never heard of Patti Labelle Pies., Lies she tell (in my Tamar voice)

  • Shandelle says:

    Could it be because of his ‘vernacular’ that he didn’t get ALL his props? For to have done so was to have agreed with ALL of how he said what he said.

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