Friday, September 25, 2020
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Social Media Helps Patti Labelle Pies Sell $2.3 Million in One Weekend

Patti Labelle Pies

This weekend provided a perfect example of what is possible when you combine the $1.3 Trillion Black Buying power with the power of social media.

On Wednesday, November 11th, James Wright posted a video to his Facebook page (video below) in which he says Patti Labelle's pies turned him into Patti Labelle. Since the video was posted it has been viewed more than 8 million times, more than 337K shares, and 147K likes.

More importantly, it has cause Patti's pies to sell out of most of the Walmart stores with an estimates sales of $2.3 Million in one weekend alone.

If a viral Facebook video can drive sales of a few million dollars in one weekend, it should begin to give you an idea of the real impact of the collective buying power in the black community and how we could fairly quickly improve our communities.

Source: Urban Intellectuals

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  • Donnie says:

    Just imagine if we supported all black owned businesses the same way. I’m sure the “little man” with no celebrity can offer the same quality product as Patti did in your local area. Props to Patti for filling a void but, it’s millions of us doing the same thing with little to no support from our own people.

  • Cathy Tarver says:

    Please let Patti Labelle know that all of the Walmarts in the Birmingham, AL area are all out of pies. Please ship more pies this way before Thanksgiving.

  • miesha says:

    please tell Patti labelle know that all the Walmarts here in Springfield all out of pies …..thanks

  • yes yes yes Ms Labelle has done her thing with this pie… And she has them browned just right to heat and serve…????????????????????hand clapped to ms Patti…

  • Tj phull says:

    That’s awesome… it’s great that she can do that.. and that people support her because she’s who she is.. it would be nice how ever to support black businesses with people whom have never made a name for themselves, but have lots of great products to offer.. we are fast to give our money to other cultures but miss trust in our own black businesses who self abd offer the same service.. I spend 400 on advertising my ebooks just for one 99 cent purchase… but a counter culture selling the same type of ebook would sell out at 12.99…

  • keke says:

    Take care of james

  • Joe says:

    Very happy for Patti she is the best but I’m wondering why she can’t be in every store just like table talk and ms Smith etc Walmart cannot handle the demand and it stifles your real potential too shut them down and see real buying power it’s sad we have too go toe at or wait for days or weeks for pies it’s not right but you keep on Patti I love your music cooking show and oneday your Walmert only sell your pie in super store only should be in all Walmart store only 1 in New York it’s sad get on Patti it’s not hard to ship to all Walmart stores it doesn’t need bakery dept pies cooked don’t let them do this to such a great product thank you Happy Holiday

  • Marsha says:

    I am a small business owner and I wish I could find someone like James they could do what he did for Patti.

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  • tonni caraway says:

    He needs a singing contract.

  • […] case you missed it, in the last week, Patti's Labelle's Pies have sold out all over the United States. Most of us know this was due to the hilarious video that a fan of the pies posted to social media […]

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