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Tamika Franklyn is the Black woman that can help you own a franchise.

Miles Kelley
Tamika Franklyn

Franchising has been striving for Black business owners in recent years. Just as in any other area of business, there are still many pitfalls to overcome. We just recently reported on Jonathan Lacy and all of the roadblocks he overcame to become the first Black man to own a 7-Eleven franchise in the state of Nevada. Currently, 77% of all franchise owners across the country are white males. Well, that number will definitely be changing if Tamika Franklyn has anything to say about it.

Tamika Franklyn is a seasoned sales professional and consultant with over 15 years of experience in insurance and tech spaces. She has received various accolades, and recognition for top performer. The founder and CEO of Precision Franchise, which provides knowledge, resources, and access to mean and women of color. She has created a strategic path for entrepreneurs to find and secure proven business models. And the best part of all of this? They do all of this at no cost to the men and woman who seek her services.

Precision Franchise helps aspiring entrepreneurs to find profitable business models that fit their lifestyle goals. Tamika and her team provide a wide range of services to her clients. You might not even know exactly what franchise is right for you? All you know is that you are ready to become your own boss. Precision Franchise offers a preinterview online questionnaire along with an initial intro call to help gather information on what will be best for you.

Once you find the right business for your lifestyle, Precision Franchise can even help you secure funding. There are many grants, financial assistance programs, loan brokers and retirement rollovers. And there are still traditional and creative funding options as well. They understand that before starting your own business, it is important to take an organized approach. Use your research and align yourself with real professionals who are trained on how to accurately assess franchise opportunities.

CEO and founder of Precision Franchise.

Because of her extensive years in business execution and operations, Tamika has been able to build a strong reputation for herself. She has been helping potential franchise owners find a lucrative business that fits their lifestyle goals. Precision Franchise has access to extensive data on thousands of franchises. This enables them to find the best option for their clients. Additionally, her company connections to industry insiders provide them with valuable knowledge and resources. This helps make their clients’ ambitions of securing a franchise much easier within a shorter span of time.

Tamika's company assists individuals with finding convenient, cost-effective ownership opportunities. These include business models that do not require full-time or brick-and-mortar stores. Regardless of the business or market, aspiring franchise owners rely on her company to provide them with several helpful resources. Her company effectively works with its clients to produce a comprehensive end-to-end solution that caters to every clients’ business franchise requirements.

They continue in guiding aspiring entrepreneurs in owning proven model businesses. Tamika has access to over 3,500, Franchise Businesses and Opportunities where she provides 1:1 consultations to determine the best business model for your lifestyle and goals, preparing you with introductions to the franchisors.

Investing in a franchise takes time and work. Thankfully Precision Franchise shortens the process and provides clarity by providing funding sources and connecting clients with the right option. Their services help inform and protect prospective owners. Tamika sets her business apart by championing the community to invest in franchise ownership opportunities – a nearly untapped industry for people of color.

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